Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ivonne: El Vanguardismo de Luis Palés Matos en su poemario...

Ivonne: El Vanguardismo de Luis Palés Matos en su poemario...: Luis Palés Matos (1898- 1959) en su poemario “Tuntún de pasa y grifería”. Encontró una fuente de inspiración en las costumbres tradicionales...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Penny Whistles, Muffins Mean Cookies Crumble

Penny whistles the old chestnut, Lily Marlene, roasting by an open fire. Every spectator is duplicious, you can trust only pastry. I might have meant taste. If tune is pure frivolity, then we become human when toasting our pleasure.

If only I hadn't lost my NURNBURG cap. If only, if only....
Did I mentions that Penny was whistling Lily Marlene?

Now, broken cookies are placed in only a few true mouths, about which the fabric of the heart can only wish, long for and adore. But even after a tiny amount of shards, or when, or even if, or, or-- I mean, I mean cookies crumble. Or maybe re-placed in only a few months, that might tilt the Earth's orbit in a slightly different direction.

But rotation would remain constant.

Moi? I'm as constant as the Northern star. Would I were as steadfast. Yeah, would I were.

Kuji is located in far north-eastern Iwate Prefecture, bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the east and, like, you know, the Kitakami Mountains to the west.


********************************************************************************** . . .

Listen, a muffin display case doesn’t change in any way how you shared madeleines in the past, nor your febrile attempts to control who you want to share things in the future. Kuji was just a fling.

C'mon, don’t be sad. I mean, we'll always have Paris. Right, muffin?